LOOK-SEE (or THE LOOK-SEE as seen in the logo and playlist title) is a short film web series currently with 2 seasons created by Crypt TV. The series is categorized as IN UNIVERSE.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

LOOK-SEE is about a creature by the same name, hunting people who have regret, forcefully trying to

LOOK-SEE Note.gif

make them move on. When they fail to do so, the LOOK-SEE kills them in a way that symbolizes their regret. His victims receive a note before they encounter the LOOK-SEE. "IF YOU YOURSELF CANNOT RELEASE THEN IT WILL COME TO TAKE A PIECE". The reason the note is in third person is because LOOK-SEE is not the one writing it, but one of its surviving victims.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Based on the CHRONOLOGICAL SUPERCUT, LOOK-SEE terrorizes the town of Harbor after thirteen high

Screenshot 2018-12-27-14-52-04.png

school students from Harbor High were poisoned, presumably in modern day (2017, when released). This is what initiates the LOOK-SEE's mission, visiting multiple citizens of the town who have different types of regret. See the individual pages of each episode to know each character's encounter. The ending of the first season has the one character who survived, Jenni, become the LOOK-SEE's new note writer.

Season 2[edit | edit source]

The second season acted as a disconnected prequel to the first season taking place in 1930. It follows

LOOK-SEE S2 Image.png

the Capshaw family after losing their youngest son, Theodore, and having repercussions from their failed bank due to it being opened in the great depression. See the individual pages of each episode to know each character's encounter. The one surviving family member is the daughter, Leah, who is assumed to have been working with the LOOK-SEE, sees a second LOOK-SEE entity exit the backwards watch. This new monster's properties and status is unknown, leaving the second season on a major cliff hanger.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Name Cast
LOOK-SEE Sean Brison
Jenni Belinda Gosbee
Daniel Sean Brison

Gwen Capalbo

Gwen Carole

Johnathan Jeremiah Hahn
Camille Presley Reese
Gretchen Holt Jasmine Reid
Jack Holt Farheem Williams
Louis Tommy Diely
James Capshaw Cameron Barnes
Robert Capshaw Cameron Barnes
David Capshaw Johnny Berchtold
Mary Capshaw Nathalie Soderqvist
Leah Capshaw Carissa Bazler
Raymond James A. Janisse
Thomas Jesse Howland
William Diego Escobar
Barbara Capshaw Marie Brock
Theodore Capshaw Dominique Ilie

Content Guide[edit | edit source]

Seasons: 2

Episodes: 9

Compilations: 2

Total Time: 38:35 (Excluding Compilations) 

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Number Title Thumbnail
S1E1 "The Wedding Hand"
Screenshot 2018-12-26-23-24-34.png
S1E2 "The Mistress Mind"
S1E3 "The Father's Hug"
S1E4 "Mysterious Man"
S1E5 "The Backwards Watch"
S2E1 "The Second Home"
S2E2 "The Second Thief"
S2E3 "The Second Love"
S2E4 "The Second Hands"

Compilations[edit | edit source]

Number Title Thumbnai



Production[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Writter Landom Stahmer
Director Landom Stahmer
Producer Amanda Pflieger
Gaffer Erin Hughes
Make Up Dpt. Head Amber Talarico
Prodction Designer  Sierra Harbison
Wardrobe Sierra Harbison
2nd AD Nico Pierce
Art Hand Austin Rusk
DP Landom Stahmer
Editor Landom Stahmer
VFX Landom Stahmer
Score Landom Stahmer
Color Landom Stahmer
Mix Landom Stahmer
Speacial Thanks

Bryon Austen Ashley

Settebello Entertainment

Redeemer Burbank

Jake Fabricius


Season 2[edit | edit source]

Director Landom Stahmer

Amanda Pflieger

Hosam Solaiman

1st AD Lousi Sallerson
Gaffer Stefan Le
Key Grip Brad Virshup
Make Up Amber Talarico
Hair Amber Talarico
Special Effects Make Up Kenneth Alexander
Costume Designer Jocelyn Kuan
Prodction Designer  Melissa Lahtil
Set Dresser Dan Reed
Production Assistant

Alex Neary

Erika Scott

Madeline Jordan

Claudia Moysset

Creature Effects Immortal Masks
Art Hand Taylor Frost
DP Landom Stahmer
Editor Landom Stahmer
VFX Landom Stahmer
Score Landom Stahmer
Color Landom Stahmer
Mix Landom Stahmer
Studio Teacher Todd Pliss
Speacial Thanks

Bryon Austen Ashley

Settebello Entertainment

George Frangadakis

Andrew Freeman

Gabe Hohreiter

Hannah Macpherson

Josh Huls


Notes[edit | edit source]

-Every episode title in season 2 starts with "The Second-" referencing that it is the second season and how one of the LOOK-SEE's themes is time.

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